Neareshore/Offshore Services

Due to Nearshoring services by Cyclad the chosen business processes or the whole IT infrastructure is transferred to Poland,
to our modern, fully functional and at the same time relatively inexpensive facilities in Warsaw or Katowice.

Offshoring is moving services on the same terms, but usually to a farther location than in Nearshoring. Within the scope
of Offshoring Cyclad transfers the Client’s services or IT infrastructure to Casablanca – the business capital and the largest city
in Morocco.

Selecting a location, that is optimal from the Client’s perspective of his business activity and expectations, is also possible.

nearshore offshore international, BPO


  • Transferring business activities abroad enables faster entry into new markets
  • Both Nearshoring and Offshoring significantly reduces operating costs and provides access to local specialists with unique competencies

Why choose Cyclad?

  • Entrusting the transfer of your services to Cyclad means saving time in the seeking and selection of the best location to develop your business
  • Our facilities are available in rapidly growing business centres across 3 continents
  • Nearshoring or Offshoring, Knowledge Process Outsourcing and IT Outsourcing reduces costs of these services
  • To each project we assign a Cyclad Account Coordinator
  • No additional costs and clear terms of payment guaranteed