The main purpose of creating a Service Desk is to provide fast and efficient IT support for employees and Clients, as well as the classification and control any incidents occurring in a company. The Cyclad Service Desk means that users do not have to solve technical problems on their own or wait for help from an internal IT department. Instead they can count on the quick reactions and support provided by Cyclad trained employees.

Service desk

The Cyclad Service Desk systematises troubleshooting by using an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which has, the best practices developed especially for IT support departments.

Clearly defined Service Desk rules and standards facilitate the reporting of problems and incidents in real time. Over time, this leads not only to reducing the number of issues but also the elimination of repeating incidents, making the work of users much easier.

How does it work?

The Service Desk is provided as a part of IT Outsourcing.

Our Clients are supported in the 24/7/ 365 mode thanks to Cyclad’s headquarters located across 3 continents, shift work operation and experience in implementing this type of service for Clients all over the world.

We have both a modern technical infrastructure and a specialised team, allowing us to provide services at the highest level.


  • Using the SD means limiting the risks associated with users solving IT problems on their own
  • Due to the reporting and classifying of problems and incidents their number systematically decreases
  • The fewer the incidents, the greater the efficiency of individuals and the whole team

Why choose Cyclad?

  • Support provided in the 24/7/365 mode
  • Cyclad Service Desk employees have diverse qualifications
  • Working to proven ITIL standards
  • The Cyclad Service Desk is launched faster than any similar service provided by the competition
  • No fees for maintaining equipment or software
  • No additional costs, and clear terms of payment guaranteed