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Monitoring is important, especially in the case of service providers with a complex IT infrastructure. Analysis of the IT systems in use allows us to suggest new and better solutions which might improve all the IT processes taking place within the organisation.

How does it work?

The monitoring is provided from the Cyclad Network Operations Centre (C-NOC) as a part of the IT Outsourcing services.

The team responsible for IT infrastructure monitoring consists of Cyclad employees whose priority
is to respond immediately to any incident occurring in the Client’s IT systems. The exact response time is specified in the agreement with the Client so it perfectly meets his expectations.

Effective IT infrastructure monitoring is possible by the use of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This means that Cyclad uses software, that does not have to be installed or implemented within the Client’s IT infrastructure, but it enables us to keep an eye on all the occurring processes. Monitoring services through the SaaS model launches faster and it does not put our Clients to any expenses associated with the purchase of new hardware or licenses.


  • IT infrastructure monitoring increases safety and reduces risks in the IT area
  • The current preview of the IT infrastructure enables the detection of potential failures before they begin to pose a threat

Why choose Cyclad?

  • Monitoring provided in the 24/7/365 mode
  • The team of employees responsible for providing the service is both large and multilingual
  • Cyclad monitoring is launched faster than any similar service provided by the competition
  • Cyclad uses the Software as a Service model (SaaS)
  • No fees for maintaining equipment or software
  • No additional costs, and clear terms of payment guaranteed