Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) covers the entire recruitment, process, including seeking, highly qualified specialists, carefully verifying their competences and skills, selecting the best Candidates and recommending them to the Client, who makes the final choice and hires Candidates who fulfil their expectations.


  • Application analysis
  • Phone Screening
  • Interview
  • Competency-based interview
  • Language tests
  • Technical tests
  • Personality tests
  • Recommendations

The entire process of bringing in new employees (fulfilling a recruitment mission) is conducted by a trained team of Recruiters and the Account Coordinator. Each recruiter speaks at least one foreign language fluently and uses not only the Cyclad database of Candidates but also his own network of professional contacts.

Ask for the offer

How does it work?

After finding Candidates, who meet the Client’s requirements, we proceed to the actual recruitment process. The first meetings with candidates are usually organised without the presence of our Client. If the Candidate is worth recommending and his qualifications are confirmed, we can present him or her to the Client.


The recruitment methods that we use make it possible to find suitable Candidates quickly and effectively. The exact recruitment method depends on the Client’s expectations and competence profile: the requested skills and qualifications that an employee should have for the offered position.

Guarantee of Effectiveness

This means that workers employed by our Clients are not taken into account in recruitment processes conducted by Cyclad for other companies.

We have the status of employment agency (registration number 9977) and the authority
to provide personal counselling and placement services, both domestically and abroad.

A recruitment fee is charged only after a 3-month warranty period, during which the Client can check if the recommended candidate really is the right person in the right place (or rather in the right position).


  • Recruitment services reduce the costs of bringing in new employees
  • Using external recruitment services means fewer tasks for the HR department, improved business processes and large time savings
  • Only professionally conducted recruitment guarantees the hiring of appropriate individuals

Why choose Cyclad?

  • Efficacy achieved by a team of competent and multilingual Recruiters
  • Talented experts in any field and for any industry can be found easily
  • Qualifications and skills of the Candidates are carefully verified
  • To each project we assign a Cyclad Account Coordinator
  • Fees are calculated on a Success Fee basis
  • No additional costs and clear terms of payment guaranteed
  • All our actions demonstrate our Fair Play attitude
  • Cyclad is a registered employment agency
  • We find and recruit candidates from all over the world, with no language or geographical barriers