Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Knowledge Process Outsourcing is the use of the services of consultants employed by Cyclad, who perform their duties exclusively for the Client and according to their instructions.

The Knowledge Process Outsourcingu is also known more informally as body leasing or simply KPO. Body leasing means that we provide the services of our IT specialists, who, from the very first moment of working with the Client – are called consultants.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing Body Leasing scheme


The vast majority of Cyclad consultants are IT specialists. However, we have experts available in other fields, as well. The qualifications and skills of Cyclad consultants are always in tune with the Client’s needs.

How does it work?

The consultants are employed by Cyclad, not by the Client. We take full responsibility for HR, payroll and administrative assistance. The Client’s role is to coordinate and manage the work of the consultants.

Knowledge Prosess Outsourcing can be provided onsite or remotely. In the second case the consultants carry out their duties using Cyclad’s technical infrastructure and office space. No matter where they work, their duties are performed exclusively for the Client’s project.


  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing means that there are no recruitment or employment costs
  • Creating new and costly workplaces no longer necessary
  • Cyclad consultants are not employed by the Client however, the Client just chooses, their assignments are

Why with Cyclad?

  • Cyclad consultants are qualified specialists
  • We do not waste time looking for the best professionals – usually employ them already
  • Our consultants are trained and their skills carefully verified before introducing them to the Client’s project
  • Services of our consultants are provided exclusively for the Client
  • To each project Cyclad assigns an Account Coordinator
  • No additional costs and clear terms of payment are guaranteed