IT Outsourcing services are dedicated to those companies, for which stability of the IT processes is the foundation of running business effectively.

Scope of services

Within the IT Outsourcing services we are able to monitor Client’s IT infrastructure in real time, using  Service Desk to troubleshoot software and hardware problems or entirely take over the IT infrastructure management. The range of services always depends on the specific needs and expectations of our Client.



The IT Outsourcing service is delivered by Cyclad employees – regularly trained and experienced engineers. The scope of their expertise goes far beyond an administration of operating systems, configuration of network or mail servers, databases, IP telephony and supporting technical devices. In the recruitment process of IT specialists  technical qualifications as well as softs skills are taking into consideration. That is why our Clients can count on both skilled and communicative specialists.


HR Outsourcing services enables us to support Clients on each stage of recruitment process, trainings and human resources management. 

Scope of services

Within the HR Outsourcing services we are able to provide entire process of recruitment and deliver highly qualified specialists.  Knowledge Process Outsourcing give us the opportunity to offer  services of consultants employed by Cyclad, who perform their duties exclusively for the Client and accordingly to his instructions.   


The HR Outsourcing is provided by a specialised team of recruiters and IT experts. Recruiters are fluent in at least one foreign language (English, French, Polish and German are only some of the languages used in everyday communication) and does have a rich database of candidates and broad network of professional contacts . Knowledge Process Outsourcing is delivered by Cyclad employees – regularly trained, experienced engineers and programmers .